Start working with Tranzita and we can provide everything you need to generate powerful information out of your data through data engineering and data science.

Data Engineering

Our engineers design and implement the management, monitoring, security, and privacy of data using the full stack of Azure/AWS/GCP data services to satisfy business needs..

Realtime Defects Detection

In industrial productions, automated real time computer vision or sensor data based systems are needed to find out the minor defects. It will save the cost by not transporting defective products.

Cyber Security

Audit and Secure your internal applications and servers and stop worrying about data breach, unauthorised access and ransomware.

Microsoft Power BI / Power App

Build powerful realtime dashboards with data streaming from Azure Datafactory, Sharepoint, SQL, etc.

Mobile Apps

Give the power of mobility to your team by enabling high quality mobile apps which makes traditional desktop web applications obsolete.

PLC Programming

Put intelligence in your PLCs and let robots do the hard work.